Living Expenses

The figures contained in this section are projections and are subject to change prior to the beginning of the fall term.

Housing for Fall and Spring

In residence halls for undergraduate students, the housing fee is $12,542 for a single room, $9,494 for a double room, and $8,466 for a triple room Duke-provided housing for the academic year. Apartment rates for upper-class students range from $12,542 to $15,590 for the academic year.

Detailed information concerning the student’s obligations under the housing license and the consequences of failure to comply are published in The Duke Community Standard in Practice: A Guide for Undergraduates.

Housing for Summer

For detailed information on types and costs of accommodations available at Duke University for the summer session, email, call (919) 684-4304, or visit

Food and Other Expenses

Duke Dining Services and Duke University Stores operations are located on campus to serve the needs of the Duke community. The university identification card, known as the DukeCard, can be used to gain access to prepaid accounts and make purchases in many Duke University facilities.

The first-year student dining program is composed of two parts:

  • Dining Plan: Fourteen prepaid all-you-can-eat-meals per week (five breakfasts, seven dinners, and two brunches) at The Marketplace at East Union.

  • Food Points: Declining balance points to be used at any dining location on campus, convenience stores, snacks from vending machines, and late-night meal delivery from approved local off-campus vendors and food trucks.

The cost of the dining plan for the First-Year Plan (Plan I) is $4,010 per semester, plus a $25 dining fee per semester and 7.5 percent NC tax surcharge. The First-Year Plan also includes 800 food points at a cost of $885.80 plus a 7.5 percent NC tax surcharge. Participation in the First-Year Plan is required of all first-year students who reside on East Campus.

Upper-class students who live in the residence halls are required to participate in one of five dining plan debit accounts that allow access to all dining locations. The five plan levels (Plan A-Plan E) range from $2,494 to $3,874 per semester, plus a $25 dining fee and 7.5 percent NC tax surcharge per semester. Upper-class students who live in Swift Avenue apartments are also required to participate in the dining plan but may choose to do so at the lower minimum requirement of Plan J ($1,764 plus a $25 dining fee and 7.5 percent NC tax surcharge per semester).

Nonresident students are not required to participate in the dining plan; however, Plan F, at a cost of $817 and a $25 dining fee and 7.5 percent NC tax surcharge per semester, is offered as an option.

An optional summer dining plan is provided in three plan levels ranging from $700 to $1,315 per summer term (plus a $25 dining fee and 7.5 percent NC tax surcharge).

Students may also purchase a Flexible Spending Account (FLEX) that can be used to purchase any goods or services from Duke Dining, Duke Stores, and other campus operations. FLEX is optional and may be opened with as little as $10. Additional funds may be deposited to either the FLEX or dining plan debit account at any time.

Information regarding these accounts is sent to matriculating students. For more information about campus retail and food facilities, see the page Housing, Dining, & Transportation in the Duke University Bulletin.