Class Attendance & Missed Work

Responsibility for class attendance rests with individual students, and since regular and punctual class attendance is expected, students must accept the consequences of failure to attend. Instructors may refer students to their academic dean when students accumulate excessive numbers of absences.

Absences from class and missed work are accommodated (excused) in five circumstances: 1) significant illness, 2) personal instances of distress or emergency, 3) religious observance, 4) varsity athletic participation, and 5) required court or legal appearances.

Detailed information about the policy and the notification procedure is available at for students in Trinity College, or for students in the Pratt School of Engineering.

Missed work associated with any other absence is not covered by this policy. In courses where a defined number of absences is permitted, students should make judicious use of them and save them for unavoidable circumstances. Students are encouraged to discuss any absence, planned or unexpected, with their instructor to determine whether accommodation is possible. The nature of the accommodation, if any, is to be determined by the faculty member in accordance with their attendance policy as outlined in the course syllabus.